Social Media mistakes entrepreneurs make (and how to avid them)

Which small business owner does not love the Social Media? Social Media allows you to reach your dream customers and build strong, long-lasting relationships with them. Social Media mistakes, however, can give you sleepless nights!

We browse Pinterest for inspirations, make friends on Facebook and feed our eyes onInstagram. It seems like nothing can go wrong – having 1000 friends on Facebook, you can also promote your business as Fanpage, don’t you? Well, Social Media is not just  the easy-peasy posting images and waiting for people to give you some love. Social media marketers study for years to figure out the Facebook algorithm, best times to post, and how to measure the impact.

The good news is: with a bit of effort, you can promote your small business effectively. Just avoid these simple mistakes.

Social Media Mistakes: Chaotic posting without strategy

Strategy is everything when it comes to Social Media. Chaotic posting and commenting, publishing the same content or opening account EVERYWHERE is a common mistake. Audience on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook is totally different – you can’t serve them the same content. Not all the channels will fit your brand’s values. If you don’t employ a virtual assistant or social media specialist, it will be extremely hard to be “everywhere”. When choosing platform, market research is crucial – choose a channel where your dream clients are. It’s not a surprise you need to speak different tone on Snapchat and on LinkedIn. You don’t need complex tools, but a content planner  – on paper, excel or in an app – will be very useful. Consistence in content type and language is also terrifically important. Evaluation is part of strategy, so don’t forget to check your insights regularly!

Social Media Mistakes: Monologue instead of dialogue

Being too salesy and posting, posting, posting… So many small brands do it! Social media is all about connection with your audience, so don’t change your social media account into adverstisement display. Removing negative opinions is also a huge mistake – it shows you ignore your customers and don’t want to improve your services. Ask questions, engage with your followers, like their stuff, answer opinions and messages.

Social Media Mistakes: wrong hashtag strategy

In particular Instagram is all about hashtags. Using them needs a bit research: you shouldn’t ignore them; use all 30, but it’s better to post them in the comment instead of “attacking” your audience with all the hashtags in description. Use these important for your niche. Using huge hashtags with million of posts (like “travel”) won’t bring you to top 9 and your post will perish in the thousands of others. Choose wisely – hashtags big enough to get you noticed, but small enough to have a chance  to land in Top 9.

Social Media Mistakes: arguing with your audience

Sometimes it’s hard to put the border between business and personal accounts. I have seen so many people commenting inappropriately from their business accounts  (or personal, but with business information)! Answering with anger to negative opinion makes your brand look VERY unprofessional.

Social Media Mistakes: mistakes in links, typos or publishing unverified information

These are mistakes everyone can make: copying the wrong link, repeating fake news or simple typos. Advice? Proofread, check, test links. And if your followers notice your mistake, THANK THEM instead of arguing.

Social Media Mistakes: Buying followers

Yup, still a mistake! Buying followers brings you nowhere – it’s not about the number of followers, but about the engagement. It’s the simplest way to get shadow-banned or get terrible reach on Facebook.

Social Media Mistakes: Ignoring Copyright

Here’s the fun fact: you can’t use a photo from Internet without permission. Nope, publishing a photo on a travel blog doesn’t give you permission to copy. Nope, crediting the author is NOT ENOUGH. There are many services with copyright-free photos in Web (like, photos with CC licence on Flickr or most photos from Wikipedia). You can also buy subscription to one of the stock services.

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Social Media Mistakes Entrepreneurs make and how to avoid them
Social Media Mistakes Entrepreneurs make and how to avoid them

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