Bio and qualification

I’m a graphic designer, branding strategist and marketing consultant who believes passionately in the design maxim that Form follows Function – that branding should not only be visually striking but should also clearly communicate the special identity of your business or organisation.

My research has shown that merely by seeing the colour palette of a website, customers can quite accurately guess which sector a company is in, as well as its values and objectives.  I want to open your clients’ eyes to colour.

I had decided to do my Master’s Degree in Communication Design, and an additional diploma in Graphic Design (specialisation in Advertisement and Design). My diploma project on cultural differences in colour perception was published internationally. I am also a PhD candidate in Communication Studies, working in the field of digital media and intercultural communication.


2015 – present

Kocaeli University

Communication Studies; Postgraduate (PhD)

I am in the third year of my PhD studies, writing dissertation on hate speech towards immigrants and minorities in new media.


2011 – 2014

Warsaw University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Campus in Wroclaw; BA (Hons) in Graphic Design, major in Advertisement and Design

Diploma Project in cultural-based perception of colour in graphic design.


2010 – 2012

University of Wroclaw;  Masters (MA) in Journalism and Social Communication, major in Communication Design

Master Thesis in Communication Construct of Poland amongst young Turks, based on constructivism (radical structuralism) theory.


2008 – 2010

University of Wroclaw; BA (Hons) in Journalism and Social Communication, major in Public Relations

Bachelor thesis in the perception and communication construct of an older age amongst senior citizens in Wroclaw.


Professional Membership

European Communication Research and Education Association – individual member


Academic Publications and Conferences


Book Chapters:


  • Rabenda, M. & Smółka, A. (2012). Information Design. Nietypowe Metody Przedstawiania Danych’ (Information Design. Unusual methods of data visualisation). In M. Grech & A. Siemes (Eds.), Badanie i Projektowanie Komunikacji 1 (Research and Design of Communication 6) (pp. 55-83). Krakow: Libron (with association with Wroclaw University’s Journalism and Social Communication Institute)
  • Rabenda Derman, M. (2016). Mowa nienawiści i strachu przeciwko uchodźcom. Analiza polskich i tureckich komentarzy w serwisie YouTube. (Hate speech and dangerous speech against refugees. The analysis of Polish and Turkish comments on YouTube). In M.Wszołek & M. Grech, Teorie Komunikacji i Mediów 9 (Theories of Communication and Media 9) (pp. 135-167). Krakow: Libron (with association with Wroclaw University’s Journalism and Social Communication Institute)
  • Rabenda Derman, M. (2017). Kolor, Marka, Kultura. Tworzenie wizerunku instytucji na podstawie palety kolorów – badania empiryczne (Colour, Brand, Culture. The role of colours in the process of creating brand’s image). In M. Grech, A. Siemes, & M. Wszołek, Badanie i Projektowanie Komunikacji 6 (Research and Design of Communication 6) (pp. 193-223). Krakow: Libron (with association with Wroclaw University’s Journalism and Social Communication Institute)
  • Rabenda Derman, M. (accepted to print in 2017/2018). Görsel kültür ve renk olgusu: Sembolik anlamlar, algılama ve kültürel farlılıklar üzerine bir çalışma. Polonya ve Türkiye örneği (Visual Culture and Colour: A study on symbolic meanings, perception and cultural differences. The example of Poland and Turkey). In M. Arslantepe (Ed.), Görsel kültür (Visual Culture). Currently in preparation to print by the Kocaeli University’s Publishing House.

Conference Proceedings:

  • Rabenda Derman, M., Sayimer, I. (2017). Hate Speech Against Syrian Refugees On Youtube: Polish And Turkish Users’ Comments. International Conference on Social Sciences and Humanities, Humboldt University, Berlin.
  • Rabenda Derman, M.  (2016). İnternet Sitelerinde Kullanilan Renklerin Marka İmaji Oluşturma Sürecindeki Rolü (The Role of Colours Used in Websites in the Process of Creating Brand’s Image). 2. İnternational Congress on Media Studies, Akdeniz University, Antalya.