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Hi! My name is Gosia Derman, and I am a North-East based graphic designer, brand strategist and an expert in intercultural communication. I use colours to create unique branding of  businesses or organisations, whatever their size.
A human eye can spot more than 7 million colours. But where does the “green” start and “yellow” end? Some argue it is just a matter of cultural convention. We cannot define “green” if we do not define “red”. Everything is a matter of differentiation. Others search for “green/blue/black-sensitive” receptors in human eye.
I use colours to tell stories.


Everything began when I discovered the slogan “Form Follows Function” and I fell in love with the German Bauhaus art school.
I was in the first year of my Bachelor studies in Public Relations, I had already started to work in marketing. I was sure I wanted to help brands express their identity. However, I have realised I can be more effective  doing this by both textual and visual means. Colours. Dots. Lines. Or nothing at all — like blank (or negative!) space.
After gaining more qualifications and more than 7 years of experience, I offer complex visual communication strategies and graphic design. I specialise in creating visual identities which help you communicate your values and win loyal customers.  As well as fundamentals such as the graphic design of logos and stationery, I can advise on all stages of marketing communication from planning to implementation, whether one-to-one or in workshops.
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I work for brands big and small, but especially I enjoy supporting local businesses, charities and women entrepreneurs.
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As a graphic design and marketing communication specialist, I have helped a wide variety of organisations to build their strong brands.

How can I help you?

From creating fantastic brochures to social media strategy  — I can make your brand's story be beautifully told.

Graphic Design

I specialise in preparing projects for print and creating purposeful visual identifications. I work according to the rule: form follows function. My projects are aesthetic, but they fulfil their main function: communicate brand values. See PORTFOLIO section for my latest projects.

MARCOM Strategies

I create marketing communication strategies for companies, organisations and bloggers, including social media audits and strategies. Drop me a line to learn how I can help promote your business, charity or blog.

Trainings & Workshops

I am a PhD candidate in Communication Studies, with a successful record of research, international publications and experience in education. I run workshops for individuals and companies on branding, following the corporate identity system, and intercultural communication.



Małgorzata Rabenda Derman
I know, it is a long name - just call me Gosia.
7 Million Graphic Design & Branding, Gateshead, Tyne and Wear.
t:. 0759 693 06 06.
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